Indian Startups Vie to Win E-Commerce Battle

22 Oct 2015 •  Sean McLain and Newley Purnell  •  News

MADURAI, India—The future of India’s booming e-commerce market is in the hands of small-time customers like 27-year-old Gayathri Rajamansingh.

Each Sunday, the owner of a small hair salon browses the Shopclues website from her home, hunting for bargains. Recently, she fixed on a floral-print sari, a traditional Indian one-piece garment, and clicked “Buy Now.”

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Delhivery prepares for festive season rush with data analytics, AI

24 Aug 2015 •  Mehak Sharma,  •  News

With the festive season around the corner, e-commerce sites are already flooded with orders placed by shoppers. With this sudden spurt in orders, the major challenge lies in a timely and effective deliveries.

With an aim to address expected delivery challenges effectively, Gurgaon-based Delhivery, a third-party logistics provider to e-commerce firms, has come up with an effective solution to solve the problem of delayed deliveries.

“Last minute orders, climatic conditions, traffic can be a few reasons for delays in deliveries, which is why we are working on network optimisation,” Santanu Bhattacharya, senior vice-president of tech and product, Delhivery, informs Indiaretailing.

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Delhivery will eventually be a data company with significant business in logistics: Santanu Bhattacharya

12 Aug 2015 •  Evelyn Fok, ET Bureau  •  News

BENGALURU: The macroeconomic variables in India have changed, offering opportunities to launch startups and make billions in the process, says Santanu Bhattacharya, the new senior vice-president of tech and product at Delhivery, a third-party logistics provider that raised $85 million earlier this year. In an exclusive interview with ET, the Tripura native who gave up heading Facebook’s mobile products in emerging markets to join Delhivery, said the logistics startup will eventually will be a data company with significant business in logistics.

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