The Leaky Bucket of Indian Food Delivery Start-ups

08 Jun 2016 •   •  Data

This post describes the mathematical analysis of the dynamics and unit economics of the standalone food delivery companies in India. For example, in order to arrive at monthly “burn rate” calculations (i.e., how much money the standalone food delivery companies are losing), we have used India-specific numbers for delivery charges and labor costs, among others. However, the mathematical models on order arrival rates, wait time and how they affect service levels, apply globally

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Delhivered by Data

04 Jun 2016 •   •  Data

Delhivery is India’s largest third-party eCommerce logistics company, carrying a third of India’s eCommerce on its backbone. Although the industry is growing at 2–3 times annually, India’s eCommerce woes are numerous. In this article, we give you a glimpse of how we mitigate these challenges using data and advanced technologies.

For a good read on India’s eCommerce, where Delhivery and our data group is mentioned, read “The Great Race”in The Economist

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The Data Manifesto: Why Data Science Matters?

14 Jan 2016 •   •  Data

Data science is important. Heck, it is important enough that many CEOs are now asking their CFOs or CMOs “are we doing any big data?” And it’s common enough that even my mom knows that I work in “data science”.

Most of us have read at least one story about companies who used data science to predict the future, revolutionize their business, or even, disrupt an industry. While some know data scientists “create models”, “code” and “make predictions” scarcely anyone knows what it means or what data scientists really do.

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Tech gives wings to logistics firms’ last-mile dash

04 Jan 2016 •  Shalina Pillai & Anand J, TNN  •  News

ormer Facebook product expert Santanu Bhattacharya returned to India to join logistics venture Delhivery as its VP of technology and product he was in for a shock. Although he’d spent his childhood in Tripura, Bhattacharya lived and worked in the US for close to two decades and couldn’t get his head around the way addresses were written.

“There were misspellings, wrong pincodes, multiple localities with similar names in one town, some localities included the name of the road. A fifth of the addresses we were given would turn out to be wrong. There was no standardized way of writing an address like the US has,” he says.

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Delhivery to add 3 new lines of business to boost revenue, carve distinct identity

24 Dec 2015 •  Aditi Shrivastava & Madhav Chanchani, ET Bureau  •  News

BENGALURU: Logistics startup Delhivery is adding three new lines of business aimed at boosting revenue while also helping to carve a distinct identity for the Gurgaon-based company that is battling rivals in a crowded market.

The five-year-old company that has so far worked primarily with online retailers, aims to now create technology solutions for merchants, help them list on online marketplaces and develop point-of-sale systems.

“(These) new lines of business will help design optimal supply chains for clients across verticals using comprehensive consumer, inventory and location data,” said Sahil Barua, cofounder of Delhivery which has begun talks with investors including Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s DST Global, Singapore’s GIC and China’s Hillhouse Capital for a new funding round estimated at about Rs 1,200 crore. Barua declined to discuss details of the funding round with ET.

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